We exist to introduce people to Jesus Christ, to help them to know Him personally as Savior, and to guide them into a life completely committed to following Him.

The life that God intends all people to live is a journey of faith.

We exist to help people in all stages of that journey.

A safe, comfortable, & fun environment where students 7th-12th grade can connect a REAL God with REAL life through relevant worship services & exciting activities. We teach our students to love their classmates & their community the way that Christ loves us- unconditionally
The Bible comes alive for kids K–6th thru high-energy, interactive, worship services. We provide kids classes for each of our weekly services so that parents can worship God with other adults, having confidence that their children are safe & being taught the Word of God in a way that is practical for their young lives.
Awana impacts and shapes the lives of millions of kids and adults worldwide through proven resources and expertise that help churches and families develop lifelong disciples of Christ. This ministry is for elementary children. The fun starts at 6:30 every Wednesday during the school year.
As the heartbeat of Temple, we strive to put much emphasis on global missions. We partner with numerous missionaries around the world, spreading the good news of the Gospel to those who have never heard.

In these troubled times, Christian Sheepdogs need to sound the alarm and join together to protect our church, church family, and kids. Scripture tells us, “There will be terrible times in the last days…” (2 Timothy 3) Our Sheepdogs are companions to shepherds and protectors of the flock. Our ministry is to support and protect the Church; to aid pastors in watching over their congregations (Acts 20:28), to safeguard lives and property, to maintain order; and to be an instrument for Peace and Security so all people may gather in Jesus’ name to pray, worship and study in a sanctuary of safety and security (Ps. 5:11).

The Baptist Temple Tech Team (T3) serves the technical needs of our church.  Our goal is to ensure we leverage and support today’s technology in meeting the ministry vision and efforts of Connersville Baptist Temple.

籐家具 今枝商店 籐リビング4点セット Y-45460Bset Y45460Bset
酔鯨 特別本醸造  杉樽裸 1斗(18L)【産地直送】/酔鯨酒造/お酒/高知/お歳暮/お中元/御祝い/プレゼント/贈答/お土産
ライオン事務器 人工植物 ユッカ(グリーン) 約H1500mm AS-YG15 576-10【代引不可】
パナソニック LAN通信型 HEMS対応住宅分電盤 《スマートコスモ コンパクト21》 蓄熱暖房器・エコキュート(エコキュート用ブレーカ容量20A)・IH対応 リミッタースペース付 回路数18+回路ス
間仕切 アコーデオンカーテン ドア プレーンベーシック(プロヴァンスNo.6401〜6406)
【業務用】【 丸皿飾台 24インチ用 】 【 業務用厨房機器 カタログ掲載 プロ仕様 】
日本製ブラックフォーマル スリーピース レディース ミセス ロング丈(優しいテーラージャケット&レースアップリケブラウス&マーメイドロングスカート)女性 礼服 喪服(オールシーズン対応)マキシ丈(トー
プレゼント 誕生 ギフト 赤ちゃん お祝いプレゼント ギフト ファミリージュエリー 幸せの守護石ペンダント ママ10月 ベビー5月 パパ2月 出産祝い 記念
アンティーク調アジアン家具シリーズ【GARUDA】ガルダ デスク【ポイント10倍】
荒神 デラックス版 [DVD] 大沢たかお 新品